wr 450 2003 , slip on can

hi all , i`m now gonna look for a slip on can for me wr , she`s totally standard and is used nearly everyday for work travel and most weekends for play , i wanna get her sounding thumpier , is there a can out there , ( don`t mind rejetting ) that ain`t that loud , cos i work in the middle of city and go at 6 in the morning , cheers :busted:

I'd recommend a DEP silencer. The enduro model, only 93db so won't cause you any annoyance when out riding on or off road but sound much better than stock (also they aren't marked up 'not for road use').

They improve the bikes power too, though I doubt you'll have to re-jet; mine only required a pilot air screw adjustment and runs fine.

cheers dude :busted:

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