Ripped off by Dirt Rider Magazine

I paid for 5 years of Dirt Rider Magazine that was to end in May of 2005. They stopped sending me the magazine last fall. At first they said they had no record of me. When I sent them the information from the label, including the subscription date of MAY05 they said I owed them more money. After many emails with the magazine they say refuse to reinstate the delivery until I pay another $24.

After getting ripped off of 2 1/2 years on my subscription I'm going to be reading Dirt Bike from now on. :)

Anyone else had a similar problem?

I had a similar problem with Cruiser magazine. Probably owned by the same people. I was supposed to get 3 years and I've only gotten about 1 1/2 years worth and they sent me the "last issue" notice. Morons!

It's not just these mags. I used to have a subscription to Bicycling mag and when my sub ended they kept sending me issues. I told them to stop but they kept sending them to me. Then they sent me to collections for $10 they said I owed for the subscription I told them I didn't want. I can't believe these companies can keep people when they do this type of thing. I'll never even pick up another Bicycling magazine.

If you still have your cancelled check or credit card statement you have the upper hand on them; copy the proof and mail it to them with a leter asking for the proper expiration date for your subscription and some compensation for their rudeness. If they do not come through for you contact the national organization for periodocals that they belong to and start blasting them there until they ante up for you.


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