2007 WR450 running problem


Ive got an 2007 W450 with the YZ carburetor cylinder head and cams in it. The bike has been running real good. but over the weekend i raced it in a local desert race had something very weird happen and i can not seem to figure it out. The bike was running awesome when all off a sudden it started to sputter real bad and it would not run at idle. Then there was smoke coming out of the breather tube in the air box.

Does anybody have any ideas to what it could be. any help would be greatly appreciated.


Valve clearance problem ? or valve opening timing (chain tensioner not working properly ? ) . Difficult to say with the YZ carb and cam's ...

Difficult to say with the YZ carb and cam's ...

Why is it "difficult" to say just because he has a YZ carb and cam's? :busted:

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