Did the recall on WR450 fly wheel

Just thought I'd let you know I took two WR450's to my dealer, he's a ways away, so he ordered the parts ahead of time and was waiting for me. he did both bikes while I waited, took about three hours. He followed the instructions and said he would suprised if any one had a problem after the fix. while I was waiting they bought me lunch and we sat around and ate Arbys sanwiches and talked dirt bikes. How's that for a dealer. :)

I thought they were supposed to keep those 450's overnight for the loctite set? I suppose it wouldn't be needed if you just didn't ride the bikes. Hope the fix works. That e-start would be nice.

Yea you can't put oil in it or start it for 12 hours.

Ditto! Took mine in and they kept it overnight to insure that it set. :)

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