Does anyone know which gas tank I have?

I have a aftermarket tank for my 05 wr450f and I'm trying to figure out which brand it is ( Clark or Ims) so I can know much gas it holds, a bud told me that all clark tanks have there name in the gas cap and this one does not, so I'm thinking it may be a Ims.

If anyone has one of these and knows the capacity and brand I would really appreciate it!


Looks like IMS by the looks of the gas cap and form mold ring at the top. Not sure of the capacity but my 07 hold just over three gallons. Check there web site to be sure on capacity. Its most likely 3.2-3.4 gallons.

I would have to go with IMS. The cap is the giveaway. I have a Clarke on my bike and it has the Clarke name molded in the tank.

ims 3.1gal.

I really appreciate it guys, Thank you! :busted:

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