clutch help??????

i put a new lever on my wr426f and ever since i dont think the clutch is engauging all the way. do i just play around with the adjusters? how hard would it be too shift if its not engauging properly?

If the clutch doesn't engage completely your clutch plates will continue to slip when you drive, causing premature wear of the plates, overheating and possible fusion of the plates. So I would recommend not to dirve like this.

There should be enough free play on the clutch cable and lever when the lever is not pulled. This guarantees that the clutch is fully engaged. If not, change it with the adjusters

it seems to shift good and when the bike is runnning and the clutch is pulled it doesnt feel like the bike is still pulling. it coast fine when the clutch is in while running but when i pull it in when its in gear shut off it seems a little hard to push and it makes a noise when it rocks forward or backward. after it makes that little bump noise it rools fine but it seems a little hard to push it around like that. is that normal? should i not hear any bump noises before it starts roolig?

the bike sat a day and now the clutch doesnt seem to be working while the engines off. after it warms up i think it works ok. what to you think is the problem? is it the clutch plates?

do you guys think it could be the leverage of the clutch? the old one looked bent i replaced. heres the bike when i got it. look at the lver that is on the bike. i took it off and put a yz426f lever on my wr426f. mabye the cable is streched or bad?


anybody ever had this probolem before?

i cant find neutral while the engine is running and the bike is stopped. does this mean i have a worn out clutch or is this a normal problem? while moving i can get in neutral fine and when the bike is not running its easy to find also.

sounds like you just need to adjust your clutch. your maual gives you detailed instructions on how to do it.

anybody ever had this probolem before?

There are two adjustments. You just replaced the lever, so you had to put in the first adjustment nut. If you didn't mess with the inline cable adjustment I would leave it. A new clutch with springs is about 60 bucks on ebay. Let us know if you get it working.

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