YZ250 or YZ426?


I have been roadracing for quite sometime and have now found the itch to try something new and challenging. I race a 99R1 which requires smoothness and concentration when you have 130HP+ at the rear. I use to ride a cr 80 and raced a tecate 250 back in the marty Hart/ jimmy white days. boy that is old.

Anyway...back then 2 strokes where the thing. Now I see that 4 stroke tech. has come to play.

what i am looking for is insight on how a 250 rides compared to a 4 stroke. how is the power delivered between the two? Explain the riding style? sorry but i have only experienced two strokes from racing a tz250. two strokes has no engine breaking so you have to rely on high corner speed. Apples and oranges i know.

I plan to buy either a yz250 or 426 tomarrow. i just can't figure which one. I saw both but haven't made my mind.


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2-strokes are light and nimble, easy starting, simple to do top ends, best in the tightest woods, lose their value quicker, feel small by comparison.

The YZ426 has unbelievable torque, accelerates a little faster, revs higher, sounds cool, does better wheelies, power slides, works better in more wide open, resale is very high.

When shopping, get a feel for the weight. Keep in mind the 426 is an open class bike, best for an aggresive rider, maybe a bigger rider than the 250. I have a freind who switched from the YZ400 to an XR250 because it was too much for his level. He didn't lose much on the resale though.

Let us know what you end up with...


I just bought a new 426 3 weeks ago. I have been a life long 2 stroke rider. The only other 4 stroke that I had ridin was a Honda z50 as a kid. I had been off a bike for 2 years when I got my 426. Let me tell you as everyone else has said it is awesome. Extremely easy to ride with massive amounts of power. It made coming back much easier. I am regaining my old speed much faster than I thought I would. I have ridin my friends 2000 kx 250 and the thing doesnt even compare. I have found only 2 downsides to the 426, stalling and starting after you stall. I stalled the heck out of it my first two rides, but now I havent stalled it since. I ride strictly the motocross/supercross tracks in So Ca. As far as the clutch issue I wouldn't let that concern me. I havent had any problems YET!!!, but if and when I do, it is an easy fix with a Hinson basket. Remember there are thousands of these things out there, and as hard as peole ride them, any bike will surface a few gremlins here and there.


I forgot to mention, my last bike was a 98 YZ 250, with the full Tom Morgan Racing treatment. Full on race motor, and with works kits in the suspension. The stock 426 would eat that bike alive, and it was a rocket.

This is something I've though alot about as I've gotten into MX more....

The 250 is much lighter, but the power is NOT EVEN close. I got a chance to ride a KX and it makes good power but it takes a lot more shifting. That's not a problem, until you make a mistake, on the YZ400/426 you can pretty much grab a hand full at any time and the bike will respond. Racing at outdoor tracks like Glen Helen the YZ400 has an advantage in the straights. The YZ400 is easy to jump and very stable in the air. This is why you see so many at the track!

That said, the 250's have good power, plenty for a beginner. The lighter weight makes them easier to manhandle if you make a mistake and when you get tired. They are MUCH easier to restart if you stall.

If your a a big guy (200 plus, 6'plus ) I think you'd be happiest on the YZ426, the extra power helps most if you're big. The 426 is well suited to desert racing and riding.

If your smaller, the height/weight of the 426 becomes more of an issue. The guy I bought my 400 from went to a CR250 because he couldn't easily get a foot down on hill climbs...

Bottom line is there are no more "bad" bikes ;-)

Up side of buying a YZ426 is if you don't like it, they are EASY to sell ;-)


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

Go with the 426

Go with the 426

your a little late...this post was from 2000....


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