wr400 handle bars help

I would appreciate some help from you guys. I have a 99' wr400 with the stock Renthal bars still on it. I am 6' 3" and need to get some more height from them. I was going to just use a bar riser, but after reading other threads, I dont think 1.6"(biggest I could find) will be enough. So I am thinking of getting taller handlebars instead, or both.

My question is does anybody know what the stock height bars are for a wr400? I need something to compare to when I am checking out my options. Also, when I look through th online parts catolog, it seem that the bars are catogorized by make of bike. but wont any 7/8" bar fit my bike?

any help would be appreciated.


I'm 6'4 & put the Tusk big bar adapter along with PT KX High's on my 2000 WR400. I put the same setup on my 2006 YZ450. It's a good start but you will also want your bars forward, I think GYTR makes a top clamp for that. The next best thing you can do is Fastway footpegs mounted lowboy. People will tell you not to lower your pegs but I have been fine riding Utah's technical singletrack.

thats funny you recomend KX high bar, because thats what I just ordered. how much extra height does your bar riser give you?

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