Opinion of Purchase Please...

I have the opportunity to purchase an 03 YZ450F for a little over a grand. The only catch is that the compression release isn't working. I have a TT-R230 currently which doesn't have one, so I am looking for guestimates on repairing it, and whether or not you think it is a good purchase.

Thanks in advance Guys and Gals...

That is not a bad buy if that is all that is wrong with it.

Are you mechanically inclined?

Will it come with a manual?

Do you know what is involved with fixing the compression release?

Don't know about the manual, but if not I'm sure I can find one online.

As far as mechanically inclined, yes, I have always worked on all my own stuff.

As far as fixing the compression release, I will find out tomorrow when I go look at it. They say, it starts and runs good, just with out the release it is hard to start.

On the 03 it was the first year of the auto decompression.

This nifty feature was built into the exhaust cam.

If you can find a used one on ebay it should be fairly inexpensive.

OEM should run about $200 for the cam.

You can also upgrade both cams to a hot cam or some other aftermarket cam.

There is no compression release on an '03 or later YZ450. The lever atop the clutch perch is the hot start lever, which is used when starting the engine when it's at full operating temperature to lean the mixture slightly.

As Steve has said, the engine has automatic decompression. Run the lever up against the compression stroke, reset it to the top, and kick. It will still have compression, but it will be reduced to a level at which it can be kicked over.

FYI, the hot start lever for the 03 is part number 5TA-83941-00-00

You can find the other parts that go along with the lever at http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/parts/home.aspx under the subheading of Handle Switch Lever.

I MUST say you guys absolutely ROCK!!

Anyways to give you all an update, I did buy the bike. There is quite an extensive list of after market stuff on it. It is crazy fast and doesn't need much.

Thanks for the tip on the Hot start lever, I was wondering why the heck it went to the carb. But none the less the cable just needed adjusted and lubed.

I did also see the auto decompress on the cam and it appears to be functioning as it should.

The reason for the lack of any specific info was that the guy I was dealing with was basically clueless.

But it runs and rides great, got it cheaper than I expected, and am currently cleaning it up and doing a little cleaning and PM on it.

Not sure if I am going to keep it (it was a spare / test) bike. Not a pro or racer, I just goof off with them to get away from the wife / kids.

Anyways enough of the rambling. Thanks again everyone for your help it was definitely appreciated. :busted:

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