Head compatibility 2008 450 - 2006 450

I'm looking for a new head for my 2008 YZ 450 and I found one on EBay for a 2006. The only difference I can see is that the two outside bolts on the timing chain side go through the head and thread into the cylinder on the 2008, whereas those bolts on the 2006 are threaded studs in the head that go through the cylinder and have nuts on the bottom. The part numbers are very close, but not the same.

Does anyone know if I can put a 2006 head and cylinder on my 2008 450?

Even better, do you know anyone who is parting out a 2008 or 09 450 and has a head for sale?


Yes, the '06 head should fit without a problem. The '08 head is a slightly better head in some subtle ways, but it's really splitting hairs to say so.

Thanks. I bought one. Now I'll see if I can receive it and install it by Saturday.

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