YZF front plate on a WR - relocating ignition switch?

Hey Guys...

I just picked up an '03 WR450F, which I plan to ride on a variety of terrain - desert, trailrides, and a few occasional laps on the Vet MX track.

I would like to have the option of running a front number plate in place of the stock headlight from time to time, but it seems there a few things that might be in the way, most notably the ignition on/off switch. It also looks like there a few electrical connections that may not clear a plate.

Anybody have any simple, clever solutions for re-locating the switch to fit a plate? I thought of removing the switch altogether and substituting a handlebar-mounted switch like the one used for the lights. Is there any reason that won't work?

Also, does any particular brand of number plate offer more clearance than the others, or are they all pretty much the same?

I'm not looking for anything too fancy - i.e. custom billet brackets or anything like that. I just want something cheap, simple, and sturdy.

Any ideas/ pics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks n advance!

i used a cycra plate for a YZ on mine, all i did was removed the fornt cowel brackets on the sides,

I left the speedo and the ignition switch. i wrapped the number plate around, made small holes in it and used zip ties to tighten it:) done two races and to outrides and she is still fine..

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