09 yz450 or 2008 rmz450?

I'm looking for some insight. It's time for a new bike. I currently ride a 2004 crf450R, but I'm looking at purchasing either a 09 yz450f or a 2008(updated) rmz450. Both bikes are new and priced about the same. Any advice would be welcomed.

I ride motocross only

cant go wrong with the yz. Rmxz's have 4 gears, and have been known to have shotty reliability. YZ's valve train is bullet proof, best in class suspension, and damn are they sexy... :busted:

You live in Florida. Do you ride a lot of sand? The YZ chassis is hard to beat in sand.

about 50% sand track,the other 50% is soft dirt. I'm an average c rider.thanks for the reply

Generally speaking I think the steep head angle/quick turning chassis like Suzuki and KTM work best in hard packed terrain. The front wheel will tend to knife in sand. Considering how much sand you ride I would opt for the YZ.

cant go wrong with the yz. Rmxz's have 4 gears, and have been known to have shotty reliability. YZ's valve train is bullet proof, best in class suspension, and damn are they sexy... :busted:

The 08 RMZ is a 5 speed. And they're reliability is just as good as the yz once Suzuki updated the cases. They have zero valve issues and the trannies shift sweet. I'll give the nod to the yz suspension, but the rmz turns and handles much better out of the box, and the bottom end power is also better.

the rmz turns and handles much better out of the box.

That opinion depends on the soil type. Notice that magazine reviews never mention soil conditions when they pronounce the RMZ a great turner.

I'd be riding a blue bike if I were you

I hope you asked this same question in the Suzuki forum.

Your going to get alot of Yamaha votes in here.

I would say either bike is a good bike.

I would look deeper than just rider opinions.

I would pull up parts lists for each bike and compare prices.

But my vote is for the Yamaha, only because I have never ridden a Suzuki thumper.

i have the 06yz and my friend have 07rmz, both bikes are very good but they feel so diffrent that you better try them before.

the riding position is as diffrent as it get.

for me the suzuki feels to small, it will turn way to quick. the rmz feels alot lighter in tight places.

both bikes have about the same power.

yz will last you longer if you maintaine it like you should.

dont be yellow go blue(or white).

If you favor quickness and don't mind the jitters and immidiete suspension work, buy the zuk, If you want the stability and excellent suspension, get the Yamaha, either way you buy a pipe to unlock the engines potential, but the tuning on one is very diferent than the other. Are you comfortable jetting the bike? If so then chalk one more up for the Yamaha. The Yamaha will be a cheaper bike in the short term, and in the long run.

I've spent quite a bit of time on a properly-set up 08 RMZ450, and it is a great bike....if it fits your riding style and ability.

It turns like a cat on new carpet, and it has a nimble feel. The 08+ YZ450F feels a bit smaller, to me, and you can set up the Yama to turn almost as well in every situation. The Suz's bottom end is indeed a bit more "meaty" compared to a Yamaha with a stock pipe.

If prices and dealer service are the same it's really a matter of which fits your body better. Oh, maybe look at respective manufacturer's race contingency for the series you do. As you progress you may want to try and earn back some $$$$ for whichever great bike you end up with.

You mean the magazines are wrong and a CRF guy is coming over to Blue or Yellow? I've seen this in some of Nostradamus's predictions...Cats and Dogs raining from the skies, blah, blah, blah. Just funin ya man! Welcome to the other side.

The 09' YZ450 is really nice. You will need a new front tire immediately and a new slip on pipe at least if you want low end grunt. It is easy to ride fast and long because it doesn't wear you out though. 47 hours and no problems so far. Not sure on the 08 RMZ.


I have rode a 09 yz450f and a 09 rmz450 on the same day earlyer this summer, and I can say that the yz was a better ride for me. I felt more comfortable on the bike and the motor had a smoother feel to it.

Yamaha...Suzuki...Honda...Kawasaki. Now a days they are ALL very good motorcycles. I have no particular allegiance to any brand. I recently switched from an '08 KX450 to an '09 YZ450 and prior to making the purchase I road an '08 RMZ450 at the track. And I've spent considerable seat time on my buddies '08 CRF450.

I wouldn't mind owning the Suzuki or the Honda. They are nice bikes but they don't fit me very well. And compared to my Kawasaki neither were as impressive with regard to power delivery.

They YZ450 also does not stack up to the Kawi in the power department. However, a pipe will help a lot. The main thing is (for me) that the Yamaha has GREAT suspension and it handles like a 250F. I didn't necessary think the Suzuki or the Honda turn any better than the Yamaha and they all turn better than the Kawasaki.

Every brand will require a little tweeking to suit the rider and the riding conditions. You won't go wrong with either the Yamaha or the Suzuki. You can always follow my philosophy and "Buy it...Ride it for 2 yrs...Then buy something else".

How does the handling/power/shifting of the 09' Yamaha compare to an 07'? I have an 07' and am thinking about going to an 09' but I have heard that the 07' was a better motor than either the 08' or 09'.

Any thoughts?

The '08/9 with a proper exhaust is stronger than the '07. There are a few cheap tricks you can do with mixing earlier cams that will change the nature of it as well.

Buy the newest bike you can afford. I personally went with the 09 YZ450 after being on 4 CRF450´s. Its a great bike with very good suspension stock. There was a couple of things I needed to do to get the bike better for my personal tastes but I think it has really come around.

I am told the pipe really holds the bike back, and can assure you it feels a lot softer than any of my CRF´s. That being said I have left it for now and concentrated on set up. The suspension is great and sensitive to changes. Like it was posted above, get rid of the front 742... IT SUCKS! I have a 756 up front and it made a big difference in the way the bike feels in a turn.

Well, I did it, I went BLUE! I got a 2009 yz450f. I really went back and forth between the two bikes and in the end I just stepped back and looked at the big picture. Financially it made more sense to get the yamanha.I was able to get the yz for $5500 otd with yamaha's 0 payments and 0 interest for 12 months. I know I won't have a problem paying it off by then and I have a newer bike. Thanks to everyone who responded

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