09 yz450 or 2008 rmz450?

Congratulations. Now get a set of MX31 or 51 tires and a new pipe and you'll be set.

Get some of the above mentioned tires, set your sag, bar height, position, compression clickers, an exhaust, and youve got a bike thatll last you the rest of your life.

Well, I finally got to ride the new bike last night at practice on a local MX track. WOW! what a difference from my 04 crf450. The suspension is so plush,the power is extremely smooth and this thing corners great. I was able to lean it in the corners with a lot of confidence,it just felt great under me. I was getting some ignition pinging when accelerating out of corners,but that be to the fuel (the dealer I bought it at gave it to me with a full tank-who knows what grade of fuel they put in it). I'm very happy with my purchase-thanks to everyone who helped me out.

I ride a 2009 yz450f and love it.My buddy bought the 2008 rmz450 and its also a sweet ride,fuel injection. If you dont like playing with jetting,go with the rmz450 and save yourself the hassle.

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