Help with 2009 YZ 450

I think I have a crank going. It pings just about everytime I shift down and sometimes when I shift up. What do you think?

I think I have no idea what you're saying. "Pinging" is the term usually used for spark knock, caused by inadequate octane number. It typically happens under a load at low rpm.

What is it that you hear, and when?

I know it has nothing to do with detonation as a result of low octane. It sounds like someone hit a anval with a ballpeen hammer when I shift down and sometimes when I shift up. It also does it once in awhile when I rear break hard into a corner, if I did not get the clutch pulled in quickly.

So it only does it when there is a load on the engine correct? When you pull the clutch in and downshift it doesnt do it? Sounds more like chain/rearend issues. Or could be one of the gears on the right side...just pull the cover off the clutch side and pull the basket out and take a look.

thanks guys I will look into it.

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