2003 wr 450

Just bought an 03 wr450. Do I need to just take out the throttle stop screw and plug the hole or get another screw? If so, what size? What is the deal with cutting the grey wire? I hate to sound like such a rookie, but I've been on an '86 xr 600 for the past few years!



if you take the throttle stop out permanently you would be running the risk of the slide sticking and running wide open and that would be a bad thing so,take the throttle stop out and cut 11 mm off the non threaded end.you do not have to cut the grey wire,just disconnect it from the 6 prong connector.it's the only grey wire in there. hope that helps

Another option is to just use the throttle stop off of a yz450. This will save you from haveing to cut the existing one.

cutting it yourself also saves you $10. :)

Thanks guys, you've all been a great help. Now, disconnecting the grey wire. What is it's location? Under the gas tank? What is the best way to get to it? What is the purpose for the grey wire anyway? I can't believe it, the local yamaha dealer out here wanted $55 to cut the throttle stop :)

i'll cut your throttle stop for $30 . :)

the grey wire is by the black box on your steering stem. take the seat and tank off. the grey wire is in a 6 wire connector.

Frank, Here is the yz part #5JG-14591-00 for the Cleanest solution to the throttle stop issue. Cheap and easy. And if your just getting of an 86 600, just jet your new steed and ride it!!

Happy trails


Hey man take the throttle stop screw out and cut off the shaft part, then screw it back in.

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