My cousin was riding last Sunday and he went over a big rock and his frunt tier came up in the air and he let go and snaped his back fender.Does and one know where you can get a back fender for a TTR225. :D:):Dsmashpc.gif:D

Well, first of all; A) This forum is for XR650R's and XR600R's, NOT Yamaha's of any shape, form, or fashion, (unless you have a YZ or WR),especially the anemic variety such as the wuss bikes like the TTR's. :D You spell like crap and must be a child. C) TTR's couldn't pull a wheelie on their best days. And finally, D) If you don't know where to order a new fender for a Yamaha, then DUH !!!!! :)

Harsh! :)

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