Flooding Problems

I just got my 426 home about three weeks ago, and it ran fine during it's break in. Sunday night I was warming it up, riding around the house, and it stalled out probably because I left the choke on too long. When trying to restart I noticed it was dumping tons of fuel out of the float bowl drain hose. It wouldn't restart and it is just dumping fuel through the carb every time i turn the gas on. Has anyone had problems with their float getting stuck, or do you think it is a problem with the accelerator pump? We tried tapping on the side of the carb to unstick the float, but nothing happened. I just wanted to know what the most likely problem is before i start taking stuff apart. We noticed it seemed to be dumping a lot of fuel out a couple of other times also, but I just thought it had something to do with getting on and of the gas too quick or too often. I also am afraid after reading other comments on this page that i have the same clutch problems as some of you guys. I have noticed the clutch seems to grab when i pull out in 1st, it almost feels like one of my brakes is sticking, but i know thats not the case. I didn't really get a chance to notice if it went away after warming up. Despite the problems it is a great bike, especially for a four stroke - but it's not too friendly to my yard. Any help would be appreciated.

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