WR426 USFS Legal after free mods?

I have an '01 WR426. All the pertinent free mods have been done. I am planning on doing a desert race next month, and the USFS cops will be there checking noise levels and spark arresters. Do the free mods (namely removal the exhaust "pea-shooter") affect the legality of this bike on either front?

If the insert (pea shooter) has been removed and not replaced with some other insert than you will not pass sound test.

I have the Yamaha GYTR insert. It cost about $40 dollars and passes the 96db rule here in MI by a good margin. Also, I assume that you didn't take out the spark arrestor screen inside the end cap. If you did that to you'll have a real problem.

The exhaust had already been done when I got it. I guess I need to tear it apart and see exactly what was left inside...... Is the GYT-R deal a direct "bolt on" to the stock exhaust?

Now I am really confused...

As I mentioned before, I had assumed that the free exhaust mod had been done before I got the bike. I assumed this because when you look at the end of the silencer, there was a large hole, not a teeny tiny one. Well, I took the end cap off to see what was inside, and I don't see how there was ever anything else in there..... And it appears that the factory spark arrester has remained intact. So can anyone verify if my exhaust is factory from the pics below?






You are missing the insert. It screws in where that hole is on the side and "fills" in the end part of the mufler.

I was quoted 92.00 I think for a stock one.

Get the GYTR insert and call it a day.


Okay. I guess looking at the pictures in the FAQ's area, I just thought that the piece that gets removed was much larger. I also looked up the GYT-R part and now I understand... You all can :busted: me now for being dense

GYTR insert should $35 to $40 from most online dealers. With that insert you should also be legal at any event. :busted:

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