Pro Tapers on WR450?

If anyone is using pro-tapers on a WR450, did you need to replace the entire top clamp or would the universal thingies work? From quick inspection i'm suspecting a top clamp replacement to be required, but want to make sure before I spend $ i dont have to. :)

Thanks in advance!


i replaced the top clamp so i could use my scotts damper and pro tapers.the adaptors looked to me to raise the bars too much, but they may be acceptable.

I'm using them but I just got the adaptor clamp so that I didn't have to mess with everything else that mounts to the triple clamps. The adapter bolts right to your stock clamps.

They have bars that are lower to counteract the raising effect of the universal adapters. For tall guys like me they are great cuz you get additional lift if used with a "regular" height bar and it saves the expense of a new triple.

I am using the Pro-tapers with the Doug Henry bend. I did not replace top triple clamp yet. I used the adapters and like the height. I will replace clamp and add stabilizer later.

It works no Problem. I used Honda Mid to compensate the hidth Diff. until protaper makes the new adjustable tripple clamp for the WR, (They are really adjustable) then I will go to Henry Bend. The universal mounts are fine. Motocross action said with the angle of the clamp, the universal bar mounts will make the bars closer to you, but it isn't a big deal.

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