05 WR450F E-start Fail regulator/rectifer?

Hey Guys,

Just got a 2005 wr450f and it runs great. I have a question, the bike starts fine with kick start but the electric start only works when the battery is on jumper leads. The battery is only 6 months old. I spoke to a bike mechanic who specialises in wr450f's and he said it is 90% most likely to be the regulator/rectifier.

I'm new to wr's does this sound right?




You have to test the stator, reg/rect and the battery. It ia easy to ruin a bettery in six months. Never assume it is a part, else you just keep spending until you finally find out why. Get out the owners manual and run the tests.

cool thanks, will do


noticed both the front indicator globes are blown out, i'm thinking that this might have happened because too much voltage is going to them.

Proving it is regulator/rectifier?

im having the same problem on my 03........help!

im having the same problem on my 03........help!

I will post my results next week or so.



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