Vortip and Backpressure

I'm on a quest and won't stop until I get this right. If you look at my sig. below, you'll see I'm running a YZ timed and open exhaust, except for a Vortip. My usual runs are at about 7000Ft in my back yard. I've tried to copy LarryCo jetting and the bike just fouls the plug badly. By placing the vortip in the exhaust stream, I think/know the exhaust is now running richer than a open system. I have tried moving the MAJ/PAJ but did not understand the theory, but I've found some older posts from Taffy that suggested something different, now I'm seeing the light. I'm thinking the E** series of needles may be creating a too rich condition with the VorTip and may need to look at going BACK to a D** series needle to lean up the exhaust to account for the richen exhaust circuit.

Has anybody that has a Vortip, modified the three pipes that are inserted into the exhaust can, by cutting them down or drilling holes to allow a greater flow, without the high dB sounds? The thinking here is to allow the punch of the E** needle and the quiet of this exhaust tip.

Stumped (like usual),



I think I may have ordered a d series needle. It's in my truck so I don't know but I will check it out a little later


I also run the Vortip and the D taper, and agree than the E may be a little rich with the baffle. I have read posts about shortening the tubes, stating the flow increased as well as the sound. Might try cutting off small amounts at a time.


Dont give up on the E series needles yet...biggest single improvement in the bike's performance I've made was going this route...

If you havent tried this, you may consider going to what I refer to as my "super high altitude" jetting setup...with an EKQ needle and a lower MAJ (see sig below). Hick also runs this needle with a 40PJ/75PAJ at about 4K ft if I remember correctly (you might consider this as well).

Maybe something like 38PJ/75PAJ/EKQ#2/150MJ/200MAJ...?

Just my $0.02...

Good luck!



I didn't give up this weekend. I removed the Vortip and its a completely different bike... All I can say is OH my God... The YZ Timing and the E series needle ROCK.. The vortip was almost clogged. The end tubes had about 1/4" hole for the exhaust.. I will not be putting this tip back into the bike. Maybe look at the PMB or the GYT-R tip, but time to sell the Vortip.

All I can say is Thank You for time that you took to find a great combination that works out here in Colorado.


Curt I may be interested in your Vortip

I sent you a PM..

I've got a brand new Yammie GYT insert for sale....bought a YZ450F pipe to run instead of the WR pipe...located in Denver, Co

How does the YZ pipe work?

I run the YZ pipe with a PMB endcap. It works great but is very loud. It also seems like it weighs about half what the stock can did.

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