Craigslist Deal?

Looks like a dune gooner. . .

no i wouldnt.. why would you do that to a bike anyway

Roach coach.

OMG - What is that?

That is one ugly of a 2 cents

Looks like something Metzger would design. Fugly.

wouldn't buy it and wouldn't ride it. You should be able to find a much nicer '07 for the same price if you are patient and look around.

Mmmmmm, spray paint on the swing arm! My favorite!

looks like a superhero's bike

looks like a superhero's bike

:busted: He's selling his gear too:


looks like a artist upchucked on it

OMG...I wouldn't be caught dead on that bike.

I was looking for fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror!

No, I would not buy that bike. Looks like a Christmas tree ornament from a scary christmas movie. That was a perfectly good bike till this guy colored it up. What a waste!

looks like he killed a clown with the bike.

:busted::banana: :banana: :busted:

Did anyone else notice the marks on the bike where people have been touching it with a 10 foot pole?

as much as i would like an alum frame bike......

no way.

wow....another reason not to drink in the garage

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