Canadian exhaust eh

I was wondering if anyone has tryed to uncork the pipe & if it is worth a try . I know the best answer is after market , but all I would like is an improvement over stock.Im not sure were the best place to cut it open etc. Thanks in advance . John :)

I just got a Canook system from my Buddy, and did some experimenting with it. I cut it off 3/4" past were it turns to 4" and built a 4" aluminum can the same length and put the US spark arrestor in it. Loud, very loud! Looks cool, breathes great, but noisy. We dont want to piss off the granola crunchers any more than they are, so be a good guy and go out and buy a pipe, or get a US exhaust from someone, and put in a Vortip in it, then go out and have some fun. Later on, Bobcatslim..........

John, I have a Canadian WR426F eh, The pipe that comes with the bike is complete trash!!! It wouldnt be so bad if it were a spark arrestor but its not, I have replace it with a Pro-Curcuit T4 and the thing just rips!!!! I would'nt waste any time trying to modify the piece of metal, it's not worth your time (or mine). Dont tell anyone on this site that you've upgraded your exhaust sys. They will ruin you!! Trust me. :)Dan


as Dan knows I have a stock U.S. 426 exhaust and am willing to sell cheap.

let me know if your interested.


Is the a stock WR or YZ 426 muffler?

Hi mike,Im interested for sure.Let me know what u want for it .I can send u a money order in U.S. funds or whatever u would like to do.Please email me Thanks John


I emailed you let me know if you received.


Hi mike I recieved your email.I dont really know what to offer you either.A buddy bought a used after market pipe here and payed $140 ,how does $50 U.S. Plus shipping sound.Let me know what you think. Thanks John

Hi mike maybe I"ll just wait for one to show up around here.Thanks anyways John

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