Wr 250 f white cowl (yes I´ve searched ;-)

Hi Folks !!!

I´ve red all post and info about the white cowl on the special kit sold for wr´s 250 f in Australia.

I´ve searched many other options from the aftermarket, but I love the OEM headlight.

While the bike does not wear the rally kit ,I have bought the white Acerbis plastic kit for my 09 450 F.

My bike was imported from the US (not european) and I live in Spain.

European headlights are a bit bigger than american ones; what I don´t know is if the american wr450f headlight is the same size as the australian 250f headlight (seems so). If so, I only need the plastic cowl in white.

May somebody give me the reference number for it, and a dealer from Australia where I can purchase it via internet ???

If the headlight is different I have no problem on buying the complerte set (headlight+white cowl).

Thanks a lot guys !!!




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