fuel mileage

i have a hare scramble sunday on a 10+ mile, supposedly fast, wide open track. can anybody tell me what to expect in fuel mileage? i have stock yz tank. last hare scramble was slower 3.5 mile track and i did 7 laps in 2-hours on one tank. maybe some of you desert racers can answer this the best.

I've run about 50 to 60 miles on the stock tank. I been a 85 HARD miles ( XR with an odometer with me) on my IMS 3.3 tank, I had about .5 gallon left. I think I could have done 95 miles and not had to push the bike ;-). I'd thought about using the stock tank for hare / Euro scrambles but I feel better with the IMS tank on there. One less thing to worry about!


Chris in the Mojave

'98 YZ400F

I am in the same position. I will be doing a 2 hour open fast paced harescramble and I really think I can make it on the stock tank. When play riding I get 3 hours easily. Although while play riding I am not riding near as hard as I will in a race. I ordered a 3.3 gallon Clarke tank but have not installed it yet. I am still not sold on needing it. Let me know how you do and how much gas you have left after the race. I will do the same.

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