Demo 2008?

One, you said the bike was a demo, not brand new. Second, I told you where to look. If you can't type an email address and click the mouse a few times you are on your own.

Once again, check eBay; there are several bikes on there and cycletrader that you could get for less money. As long as you are looking used you could probably find a clean 08 with some accessories for less than 4k.

If you are buying a brand new bike then 5500 OTD is not a bad price. But I'm not sure what you are buying, is it a demo or a brand new?

I said I was looking at a Demo but read the post you quoted me on I clearly stated Brand new 5500 OTD.

When I asked for a link I meant a dealership's website. I have checked Ebay and didn't really find anything.

I don't want a used bike that is someone else's problems. Thanks anyway.

Thanks for all the advice guys I think I am getting one for about $5450 OTD.

Now, I've quoted you a second time and nowhere do I see you mention the bike being new. You did not mention the bike being new until after I questioned your above quote the first time.

Here are a few bikes that might be of interest. It took all of two minutes to find them. Some should be close to you and other can be shipped for $199. If you want to buy local thats great. My local dealer sucks anus so I just go straight to the internet.

Hope it helps.


Ya the first three are bids and surely will rise withing their last couple hours on Ebay and the last one I already called that dealer and they want 599 for freight and setup so that is why the price is so low.

Whoa, I did not know that. As usual, priceless info! :busted:

I should have mentioned this as well. The bikes were demo's simply because they had never been licensed. They were ran on sort of a dealer tag for the 7-8 months that the person had it in his/her possession.

Years ago when we had local supercross races, pros would often fly in, use the bike for the event, and return it to the shop. These were sold as demo's too. The real key to the system was finding out who rode the bike. Big difference in a demo ridden by me or the local pro.

The price on the bike is 4999 sales take up here is 8.5 so that gets me to 5500 with tax and licensing.

like others have said that is way to much for a used '08. Don't think I'd pay that for a new '09.

4k range is a good starting point for a used '08. I'd look for bikes in Oregon and Idaho too, isn't riding season almost done up there anyway..should be giving better pricing for this time of season.

you'd think that prices would be better, but me and my dad just recently traded, an 05 crf 150f,98 yz 400f, and a 02(?)bmw in good shape,worth 10k. we got two brand new 08 yz 250fs, guess the price! and payments are still around the 200 mark for two years,then 300 after that roughly

Thanks for all the help guys tomorrow I am going to wheel and deal for a NEW 08 the price is 4999 we will see what I can get it for OTD and what extras I can get along with it will post it up some time around 3 PST!

Wish me luck!

bring a picture of the '10 and be sure and mention you are buying an "outdated" bike..good luck hope it works out!

look up the blue book value too...

Thanks DPW those are both excellent ideas!

Ok guys I got it for 5500 OTD and kept it local I am happy with that brand new 08 in blue with the white plastics from an 09. (they swapped with a different customer)


we have the same bike, just i got a 250. same price too! lol

Sweet lookin bike!!

Thanks guys I can't wait to put a bunch of my parts off my 04 onto then it will look even sweeter and some new graphics.

Went and rode my new scoot today what a difference a few years can make the bike is awesome. I still need to setup some stuff on it but all in all I am loving it compared to my 04 soooo much easier to ride.

So it was love at first ride then?

can you imagine what an 2010 is like?

So it was love at first ride then?

can you imagine what an 2010 is like?

Time will tell if the 2010 is at least $3k better.

Time will tell if the 2010 is at least $3k better.

Exactly I figure I won't be $3K faster on a 10 so I will wait a couple years:ride:

Time will tell if the 2010 is at least $3k better.

By every account I have heard, read about or witnessed in videos, it will be. But also in time...depreciation will kill the 3k cost do you want it now or later, this is the question. Funny I know of many people that paid +6800 -7000 for a brand new 08 and look what this turned into:banghead:

^my dad and i are one of those people! (he paid) oh yah, we bought two too. its ridicoulous(sp)

The "$3K better" thing is a red herring, anyway. In the first place, if you shop just a little, you should be able to get a 2010 for $8000 or so OTD, and '09's are still fetching $5500+ in many places (one member here just paid that for an '08, and was happy to get the deal), so $3K is a bit of a stretch to start with. I know there are exceptions on both sides of that, so don't bother.

It's been that way every year for the last several, anyway, particularly in '06, when the Gen2 450 came out at an MSRP of something like $7200. It was the same last year, when dealers were selling leftover '08's for $5500 to clear them out. Nothing's changed, except that this year, much more so than in '06, the bike really is different, and by most accounts very much improved.

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