Tech Bulletin say's "all 03 WR450F"

When I call Yamaha and give them my S/N, they say it is not in the affected range. I got a copy of the Tech Bulletin and it say's " All 2003 WR450F " &%$#@!!!!!

Is everybody doing the lap and locktite fix regardless of their S/N or what ? :)

Ya should have bought a YZF!!!!!! :)

Hey Rick.... :)

Ask them what the affected range is. I'll bet they won't tell you.

Yamaha builds great bikes but their customer relations department needs to be uncorked.

Hey Rick.... :D are right, that is the probably the only view a WR rider would get when he thinks he can pass a YZ! :)


Call again, My dealer told me the same thing. Take the copy of the TSB if you have to. If you get the same answer, call Yams customer servuce dept. But then again, do you really want this shop to work on your bike after you had to force them to do whats right? I think I would take my business elsewhere. And tell your friends.:)

My dealer called me and said all WR 450's have been recalled and I must bring mine in

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