Cleaning an IMS tank...yellowing.

I've got an '07 WR with an IMS tank. I love this tank but noticed it is slightly yellowing a bit, primarily around the gas cap. My bike is always stored indoors and is always clean, like new clean. Does anyone know of a good cleaner that will help keep this tank from yellowing?

there is really not much you can do about the yellowing, but there is one trick I found that helps.

Go to your local grocery store and in the cleaning isle, look for the Mr.Clean magic cleaning pads. They actually do a pretty good job of cleaning all the dirt out and pulling some of the yellow out of the plastic. If you do this frequently it can prevent further discoloring. I use one after I wash my bike which is normally after most rides, depending on how dirty it gets.

Soft Scrub, takes most of it away with lots of scrubbing.

Cool, I have soft scrub and those Mr. Clean magic erasers. Those things rock on my boat upholstery.

Thanks for the help.

the main reason I got the blue tanks on both my bikes. The tank on my 05 is three years old and still blue.

When the IMS tank on my 08 finally "yellows" I will be dyeing it black :busted:

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