wanted: stock yz 400/426 silencer

would like to try a yz silencer on my WR.

So, if anyone is interested in unloading their's, please let me know.

I may be willing to part with my silencer. How much are you looking to spend?


Nick, where are you from? I have my stock stuff and would be willing to get rid of it. Let me know where you are.

I'm from Pennsylvania. I just purchased a E-series headpipe, but they do not work with the stock silencer. I need to buy an aftermarket E-series (not enough cash right now).


I too am looking for a stock YZ 400/426 silcencer. Willing to spend $60. Any year is fine. I'll pay more ($100) if the condition is excellent or perfect.

Will of course pay for shipping to Ohio


Please email mcarp@ds.net

I Have a 426 silencer that I am willing to part with. It has a total of about 3 hours on it and is in virtually new condition. I have yet to crash the bike, but the key word there is YET.

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