Chain slap

I have a very loud slapping noise comming from my chain.It only happens at a steady speed. My slack is about 1.75 inch at point were manual shows to read it at. What can I do? Will it tear something up :)

I noticed alot of noise down there the first time i rode mine to. :)

Loosen the chain slider on the top of the swingarm and put a thin piece of high density foam or rubber gasket material between it and the swingarm. This will take care of the noise and the chance of cracking the swingarm at the weld. Do a search on "Motoman's" site in the TT start page or just search the archives. WR Dave. smashpc.gif

Taking off the chain slide and smear shoe goo on the slide and put it back on. Makes a big difference! That is what they tell you to do with the TM design works slider. It works with the stock one as well. Way less

slap! ----Mike

GOO ON THE SLIDER ????????? .. ohhhhhhhh i read that wrong.. it said shoe goo. hmmmmmmmm. thanx mike , i'll have to try that. :)

Do you set the chain slide in the shoe goo?

what in heavens is shoe goo ? :):D

Thanks for the info on reducing the noise.

Shoo Goo was developed because guys who played a lot of tennis would go through a pair of shoes in about 1-2 weeks. It looks like silicon but dries harder like the original compound on tennis shoes.

You'd smear the stuff on and let it dry. I used it to hold RC car batteries together for racing as well.

I posted these photos a long time ago. This is what I did to save my swingarm because the slider was wearing into it. I siliconed a piece of innertube to the slider. It really reduced the chain slap, although that wasn't the intent.

BTW, I cut the innertube big enough to put a little washer under the washer plate (#13) , then put a lock washer under the screw. I've lost several of them. :)

thanks I will give it a try. :)

This is a Great idea! I hope you don't mind me doing it as well..................db :)

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