Frame Paint Question!!!

i went to my friends dad yesterday because he is a autobody guy and asked him if he could paint my yz426f frame and he said i will just have to buy the paint he will do everything for $200 sanding etc... my question is does anybody know where to get something bigger then the spraypaint cans or is that the only opition for my bike so far i only seen these;jsessionid=RSM5A5BOJWKNLLA0WTKSM4VMDK0NCIV0?store=Main&skuId=301056&mmy=;jsessionid=RSM5A5BOJWKNLLA0WTKSM4VMDK0NCIV0?store=Main&skuId=31359&mmy=

powdercoat it! My 426 frame cost 90 buck to sand blast and coat.

Those are no longer available anyway...

oh i see

i live in canada so i dont know how much it would be to get it powdercoated hoping not alot and have you noticed any rust spots yet?

A good painter should be able to match the color. Not sure how durable it would be though, probably about like stock.

Powder coating would be the way to go for good durability.

If possible go for the powder coat. Way more durable. I say possible, because it my depend on your buget. I wanted to get my '03 PC'd but the guy here wanted 3 bills to do it. That was beyond my budget, so I had the color matched and painted it myself for $30.

hope its not to expensive i only have a $200-$300 buget for the frame to get done so hopefully i can get it

So you want to pay someone $200 to paint your frame with spray cans? And thats just the labor? :busted:

If you're going to go that route, buy the cans and do it yourself. Scuff and shoot, that simple. But expect it to wear quickly.

Powder coating is the correct way and is what the factory uses. Around here (seattle) a frame can be done for $150, any color you want. For loose parts I pay $75 for whatever fits comfortably in a 3x5 rack. No special friend deal, just a straight walk-in quote.

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