Fuel Gasket Tank Problems

Here's the dealio, I just bought a new tank off ebay for my yz400f, IMS dry break. Installed the screw cap conversion and everything. Put it on the bike, filled it up with gas, and it started spewing around the petcock pretty substantially. Apparently there's a special gasket that is supposed to come with IMS tanks... didn't recieve it in the bargain. I went all over town looking for somebody who might have something that would work, and didn't find anything. Liquid gasket seems out of the question, cuz gasoline eats that stuff up. Finally found a dealer in town that gave me (for free!) a piece of gasket material... I trimmed it down to fit the petcock and punched holes in it for the screws and filters, and installed it.

Works like almost a dream. I'm still having a very slight leak, maybe a teaspoon every few days, and I'd like to make it freaking seal up permanently. My question is, where can I buy IMS specific gaskets, and would JB Weld work?

One of the problems with aftermarket fuel tanks seems to be that the mounting surface for the petcock tends not to be very flat. The OEM petcock uses only a narrow gauge "O" ring (custom shaped) seal, and there are no real problems with them leaking. By contrast, both IMS and Clarke need thick seals to hold the fuel in. I took a flat single cut file (14" 2nd cut) to the face of the Clarke I bought new in order to get it to work.

You can get the seals by contacting IMS or Clarke by phone, or make one from a sheet of 3/32 or 1/8" fuel resistant gasket sheet from an auto parts house. Be sure to specify it's for use with gasoline.

My IMS kit came with 2 gaskets, so i am sure if you called IMS as Gray said they would send some out to you.

What about cutting an old piece of inner tube to the shape of the petcock as a temp fix?

What about cutting an old piece of inner tube to the shape of the petcock as a temp fix?
With any luck that MIGHT last 3-4 hours. Gas will quickly dissolve an inner tube.

Just wanted you guys to know my new gasket just came in the mail, courtesy of IMS tanks. Thanks for the advice, it worked, and now hopefully I can get a few more rides in before we get blanketed in snow.

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