new 450 many questions

Well I've had the 450 for 2 days now and still not got it dirty........... tomorow is the day. I spent today fixing stuff which aint broken yet, bars grips blinkers (turn signals) throttle stop etc... did blast up the street, wheel spin in 2nd on the tar is promissing. Two or three things to adress.

1/ The airbox... how are you supposed to get the air in, the change in throttle response by removing the sidecover is aweome. Should be like that all the time, guess I'm drilling cutting and butchering until it works.

2/ Muffler. Why do they even bother delivering with one,trash and cash. I'm hoping to find an FMF Q anybody with experience on these??? I don't want loud just fast.

3/ Only noticed this one late today. Noisy clutch/gearbox, pull the lever no noise, let it go, someone is blending hammers in a cocktail shaker.

Still it makes me smile, traded my 01 250 as it had some issues.......... valve clearance etc.


I mail ordered an FMF Q pipe from Westy Motorsports in Arizona for my WR450F. They had the best price I could find. I had it tested for sound on the bike, at 95db.

My gear box makes that noise too. Probably its the clutch assembly. Hope its OK.

Have not messed with the air box yet.

I generally dont comment on signatures, but I got a good laugh out of yours, ETP. The womb was really hard on tires, but you couldn't beat it for comfort. Mine was the '69 model but I dont think they improved it any at that time.




Hey ETP, the sound thing sounds ok but how about the power?? did you notice gains from stock, if so where?

I rode it today...... love this bike, power everywhere, e start is ace still have to set the clickers though.

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