When i go riding on my XR80.I think tjat it is great to check over the bike and look for something that is rong.And i think that my bike sounds a little bad.I think it is the oil. :Dsmashpc.gif:D :D :):D

Ignoramus pipsqueak, from whence have you traveled to have arrived here in such a pathetic state. :)

LOL......I would just have said "jeeeeez.

Come on guys, give the kid a break. :D He is probably just getting into biking and you two probably scared this kid away.

Rustertail, where does the noise come from?? Keep checking over your bike. It is a good habit and something that should be done before every ride. :)


Just having some fun, Super Hunky style. His posts are so illiterate I thought he was a Troll. smashpc.gif

I must have gotten hold of some bad oil and it made me crabby. :D

Sorry Roostertail :)

No worries. I know how you feel. One of those days!! I think that he may strive to ride the BRP someday. In the meantime he is working on his LRP skills. Little Red Pig. Happy riding.

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