fork rebuild help?

my forks seem to be leaking oil and was wondering how hard it is to replace the seals? my bike is 2001 wr426f. i called a dealer and he said its aroud 200 bucks for replacing the seals in the forks and 130 for the rear shock seals. i dont think the rear shock is leaking though. is it worth doing it or should i get a mechanic?

Try cleaning the seals before you replace them. Nine times out of ten that is the problem.

do i need any special tools to replace them?

do i need any special tools to replace them?

Not really but a "real" seal driver is very nice :busted:

There are a couple video's on youtube from Rockymountain that shows you exactly what to do :banana:

do you guys thinks the seals are bad and not dirty because im thinking they are the original seals? the whole area has sludge from oil build up around the seals and the guards around them. any good place to buy a seal kit from?

The seals are probably shot, and you should do the bushings, too. You can find OEM kits on ebay for about $75. All you really need is a seal driver. I use one made of PVC. That, some rags and carb cleaner and you should be OK.

what oil should i get? and how much? does the kind of oil have anything to do with the weight of the rider? im about 220-230lbs. im buying a seal driver and oil from rocky mountain atv mc and need to know so i can finish my order. also im going to buy a fork seal kit from xr's its 75 bucks and comes with bushings.

i found the pivot kit to rebuild my forks on rocky mountain atv/mc for 70 so i guess ill just buy everthing there but need to now what fork oil and how much i need for my wr426f

also do i need a cap wrench?

i found the pivot kit to rebuild my forks on rocky mountain atv/mc for 70 so i guess ill just buy everthing there but need to now what fork oil and how much i need for my wr426f

Not sure on the volume for your bike. Belray 5wt is good, but any 5wt will work.

also do i need a cap wrench?

You can use a crescent wrench but it is very easy to damage the soft metal while working on forks. I'd pick up a cap wrench, they're cheap.

where can i get a cap wrench for my wr426f? at rockymountain atv/mc they only sell one for a wr450f. will it fit my wr426f? it cost 20 bucks as well.

should i try to get a yz426f susspension? will my wr426f susspension bottom out on 5ft jumps? i sold my 2002 yz426f that had a blown head to a guy who parts out bikes and may be able to buy it back for a resonable price. sold the whole bike for 750. would just the forks be good or would i want the rear shock too if i got the yz426f susspension back? also if i rebuild mine is it important to have a cap wrench or can i just use an open wrench? any body have a wr426f that can tell me what the susspension can handle? i havent got to ride mine yet besides around the yard and neighborhood.

I change my oil and seals about once a year, very easy to do, I use a piece of pvc pipe as a driver and add 5mm of oil to help bottoming, I dont have a cap wrench but a 19mm (I think) wrench works fine, mines an '06 however.

At your weight the WR will bottom out on jumps. I'm a little heavier than you and had problems bottoming on my 08 wr. I did a revalve and it's fine now. I put in a goldvalve kit. They have a video that shows you how to do the seals, valves, oil level, everything. You might consider a revalve while you have them apart.

is the 2002 yz426f susspension betterthan my 2001 wr426f suspension ? im planning on swaping my forks and shock and then paying 150 bucks for my old suspension to a guy. will it bolt on my 01 wr426f? do i need the triple clamps from the yz426f? i was thinking it would be easier to install the forks if they were together. so i would just trade my wr4226f forks and triple clamp and year shock for the yz426f stuff. will i be good to go then? when i had the yz426f it hadled my weight good will it also work good on my wr426?

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