Stock muffler 650R

I read a post under suspection. It sounded like they were saying that installing a aftermarket muffler cut a lot of wieght has anyone else noticed this. What aftermarket exhaust is best for low end torgue?

Unless you are tyring to SuperMoto the XR650R there is no reason to worry about a couple of pounds. All muffler changes are a tradeoff and very expensive. If you want more low end response go to a 13T countershaft sprocket. You can still run at 70mph and the 13T causes a minimal increase in chain wear.


Thanks for the input. I thought it was not really needed instead I will think about buying a steering stabilizer.

I know you guys are on "R's" with the slip in exhaust upgrades (I.E. Power up kit etc..) For myself having an "L" and along the same lines, I put on the FMF pipe and actually put both the old stocker and the new on the scale. The difference was 3 lbs. Needless to say I'm happy with that, any wieght off is a blessing on my bike.

On another note: In ref to the weight of the BRP's etc..

The best upgrade anyone can do to their bike is for them selves to lose weight! My new slip on shaved off 3 lbs, But my ATKINS diet plan has shaved off 31 lbs off my body in two months :)

The stock pipe is very well designed and really does not need to be replaced, just uncorked. If you want a change in look and sound, FMF Power Core 2 will give you a bit more low RPM grunt and a deeper sound. :)

Last year I installed a White Bros E-Series and right off the bat I noticed a substantial increase in power. At the time I had not done anything with jetting and was just looking to gain some more power without having to do anything dramatic to the bike. If you are looking to gain power without messing with jetting and uncorking the bike, then the aftermarket exhausts are a good way to go. They also looke better then the stick, but that is not really the most important part of the game. Regarding the weight loss, I dont think that it makes all that much diference. If you are worried about a couple of extra pounds, try the diet.

i'm not falling for any of the b.s. from the aftermarket. my stocker is just fine. i can go from hare & hound, to enduro tech inspections, to practice rides on forest service land, to covert single track attacks, and never break a sweat.

with the stocker my bike starts on one kick, has plenty of power i will never see, and is quiet!

i'd rather have piece of mind (and quiet) than a piece of overpriced soda can anyday.

sure my bike aint pretty but if i cared about that i'd be hanging out with some of the posers on the crf forum taking pictures of and playing with their barbie dolls.


If you noticed a substantial increase in power I would assume that you did not uncork the stock unit. I've seen many a aftermarket verses the stocker shoot out in the bike mags and they really just move the power around in the RPM range. None that I ever saw gave you more than 2HP over the uncorked stocker.

I thought aftermarket mufflers were for when you eventually crush the stocker! :D

Or if you have the noise nazis with their Db meters hounding you. :)

Grimmer is right. The stock pipes are well designed and offer some versatility over aftermarket pipes. The reason is because the stock tip can be modified, or you can replace it with the competition tip, which also, can be modified for more power by cutting/altering/removing the spark arrester screen and/or baffle (your choice) which is in the 40mm tip.

I tried an aftermarket complete exhaust system, which was headers and silencer (big gun), and noticed only a mellowing of the low end power, and moderate increase in upper mid-range and top end. The noise was ungodly, it leaked and then cracked after a few hundred miles, so I trashed it. What a waste of money! Stay with the perfectly fitting stock headers and silencer, and you can't go wrong.

My newly modified 40mm HRC tip (spark arrestor screen cut out, baffle remains by two strips of arrestor screen not cut off), and the bike performs as well if not better than the Big Gun pipes did, with no loss of low end, better mid range and top end, and without excessive noise. Try it out!


PS. to answer your question about which aftermarket pipe offers more low end torque: I would say from reading many articles on the subject, that the stock pipes (due to good backpressure), provide the best low end torque, and all aftermarket pipes do is either mellow the low end output (not desirable for most), or move the power spread around the rpm range (usually to the upper rpms). Since this bike is all about massive low end torque output, I would stick with the stock pipes for maximum low end potency.

I too looked into aftermarket exhaust,ended up talking to a buddy who also races and owns an independent bike shop, we did some modifications[cut out tip, removed six inches of the canister, and internal diffuser plates]. only increased sound about ten dec. and dramatically helped performance as well as shed two and half pounds! Runs great and I can still hear two strokes when I blow by them! Keep Diggin Deep!BRP RULES!! :)

I could see saving the weight, I suppose. I don't have the loot for a new pipe. :) I did the trick of cutting out the tip with a hole saw, then stuffed three stainless-steel scrubbers inside ahead of the screen. Enough to muffle the noise but still breathe. :D

Here's a take. I too felt that the stock uncorked pipe/muffler was fine. When Danco was selling his "Sparkle" parts off his scoot he made me a good deal. With my bike fully uncorked/re-jetted/de-smogged and comparing my Used White Bros. E-Series pipe to the stock uncorker, there IS a difference in low end torque for the better. It is quiter than the 40mm stock pipe. Again, just my dos centavos and to be honest, if I didn't get a killer deal I would have left the stock opened muffler alone. The end. :)...or is it...just the beginning?...

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