Help on setting up too soft stock forks.

I'm 6'2 and 245. I've never riden a bike set up for my size, so I don't even know where to begin. Should I go with 48's or 50's for a spring upgrade? Help! Thanks.

Click here to see what Race Tech recommends for your weight and preferences. I am personally a bit dubious about their fork spring recommendations since I, too, had a real problem with severe bottoming of the forks until I went to the max oil volume; which makes everything else too harsh.

I am 6' and 185lbs and they actually recommended SOFTER fork springs :) and a stiffer rear spring. I am doing the rear spring stiffer, but I am going to wait until I can get everything revalved with Gold Valves before I consider different front springs. :D

I had :applause:Factory Connection :) revalve my forks. Unless I am mis-reading the FC lable on my fork settings, it says FC installed .47 kg springs, w/ an oil level of 140mm. I had thought they went to .41's!

W/ the heavier springs, you can lower your oil height for plushness, but still have bottoming resistance.

I weigh 172 (I told FC 165), ride mild MX stuff (told them casual trail riding). >> I want plushness for these eastern conditions >> rocks/roots.

Pro Action did my first re-valve ($350.00!!!!!!) and the forks were brutally stiff off the top. They were so stiff, I could not ride Moab one day due to the swelling in my forearms. The sheathing that surrounds the tendons swelled after being beaten to a pulp by the SOLID ROCK rippling in the slickrock of Moab.

I DO KNOW Pro Action has done good work, but w/ them being in PA, and me in NH, the R&D is just too pricey for me to ship my forks back and forth, that and the down time of my Thumper is unacceptible.

Go local if you can for re-valves/any suspension work.

I way 230 on the wr450 and like the stock front fork set up. I put a 5.8 rear spring on but left the front alone. I would try playing with oil level and weight before ordering heavier springs. :)

I weigh 240lb but trying to get to 230, and thats what I told them. I ride MX all the time.

Fork: I put in Factory Connection (800-221-7560) FC .49 kg Oil Ht.= 4.8" Bottomed too much, Oil level = 3.15" worked OK for me. Rebound= 8 clicks out, Compression 13 clicks out.


FC 5.8 kg Set spring 10.375" preload. (Do not exceed .6" preload!) Rebound = 7 clicks out, Low compression 6 clicks out, High compression 1-1/8 turns out.

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