03 wr450 starter problem

Hi, I'm looking for some trouble shooting help. I have a 03 wr450 and the starter doesn't engage the motor. The starter spins like it should. I haven't pulled the bike apart yet to check the internal guts. The only thing that I can tell that might fail is the starter clutch. Would this be correct? Could it be the woodruff key? Any help would be great. thanks

Quite possibly the starter clutch. If the bike starts with the kicker then it's NOT the woodruff key. Never had any trouble with my 03 and mine was the first (and still is)WR 450 on Thumpertalk.


Ya no problem kick starting. I tried to get info from local Yamaha shop, no luck there. A guy on ebay has on for $80. I want to make sure that is the problem before buying it. Thanks for the reply.

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