difference between 2001 and 2002 wr426

Are there any significant differences between the 2001 and 2002 wr426?



Not really, except I have a real sweet '02 with 300 miles on it for sale. I am out in Phoenix and it is essentially brand new. Call me at 602-770-9934 or PM me. Mark

Depends on what you call significant.

IMO the answer is no.

The only thing I can think of right now is a minor change to the rear linkage and perhaps swingarm construction.

Hope this helps.

From the Yamaha brochure upgrades for 2002 include:

-Remapped ignition for a better, more precise spark. (My 2001 starts just as good as my buddies 2002, just BS I think)

-All-new, lighter weight swingarm. (who cares)

-Larger 245mm rear brake disc (whoopie)

-Slightly more forward-positioned handlebar mounts(stock clamps should be junked anyway)

-Retooled suspension settings (???)

-New more durable, lighter-weight front wheel hub (yeah, whatever)

All just marketing selling points....none make a noticable difference as far as I can tell. My '01 rocks, rode my buddies 2002 and even though he hasn't done all the mods that I have, his is sweet too....no noticable difference is the bottom line.

heavier rear spring, valving front and back slightly changed

Thanks for the info. I guess the swingarm weight doesn't make too much difference. The dry weights show the same for both years. Maybe something else got heavier, or maybe the weights are inaccurate like on most bikes anyway.

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