Best steering stabilizer

I am think its time for a steering stabilizer for my XR650R, what is the best brand or model people like and why? I just installed upper triple clamp made buy Pro-Taper. It was 70$ new and I cracked my other one when I was tighting the bolts. So take that in mind when suggesting stabilizers with mounting systems.

Steering dampers seem to fall into two types, the mount on top the triple tree and the mount on top the front fender.

The Scott's, (Ohlins), seems to be the most sophisticated, the mount on top of the top clamp looks dangerous. I've seen the forward mount kit for that damper advertised where it goes below the headlight on top of the fender, that looks silly and defeats the adjustments you can't reach now.

There is a new damper that is incorporated inside the top tree with a cool switch that mounts on the bars for quick adjustments. I don't know the name of it but it looks like it solves the problem of the damper taking up too much space. My opinion is the best damper is the one that is not noticed until you need it.

Cool - made in the US also. $600.00 :)

I think that is more money then I want to spend plus I already have a new upper triple clamp. What about Scotts or WER or any others in that price range?

I had the WER installed on my last WR400. It is a quality damper and mounts out of the way. The Scotts damper is actually made by Ohlins and seems to be the most popular.

Like I said the main problem I have with that one is where it is mounted. The thought of trying to take it off the top of my bike with my face :)

I recently installed a GPR on my bike and it seems to be working great. It is very easy to adjust for different trail conditions while riding. Also, the folks at GPR have excellent customer service and are very helpfull.

I don't think it is possible to "remove it with your face" but stranger things have been known to happen. :)


Good idea on the damper. I bought the Scott's last year and am really happy with it. The only thing that I do not like about it is that you have to replace the oil dipstick with theirs, which also makes it a little more complicated to check your oil on a regular basis. As far as having them right in under your face, I have yet had a close encounter with it. I would hope that my helmet would protect me from that one. I have mine mounted with the Scotts triple clamp and with the pro taper bars. Of all the people that I ride with down here, everybody has the Scott's(8 of 8).

Good luck and happy riding.

Scotts has no less than three mounts for the BRP, the first replaced the dip stick and made oil checks a challange. Looks like Sunny has one of those. For more money you can get one that has a clamp on post that mounts to the frame in front of the tripple clamp, where the ODO normally is. And the newest entry is the one that mounts down on the front fender like the WER stabalizer that virtually eliminates any chance of adjusting it on the fly.

The folks that I ride with that have dampers all have the Scotts and love it. Not enough cash in my world to afford one yet so I can not say one way or another.

My GPR also has the front mounting post that does not interfere with the oil dipstick. GPR also gave me a new bracket that mounts the odometer to the triple clamp and out of the way, but easy to read. :)

I run the Scott's forward mount and triple clamps with Renthal fat bars. The stabilizer and suspension mods are the best investment you can make - it will significantly reduce the opportunities for your bones to make contact with the earth. Really helps in the whoops when the rear end wants to swap places with the front. Scott's recommends changing the oil once a year and the seals every 2 years. They are very helpful - located in California. My buddies have GPRs which are a little less expensive and seem to mount and work the same.

I have the Scotts w/ the dip stick mount. The extra effort required to change oil is removing 2 bolts to remove the stabilizer + one bolt to remove the dip stick clamp - 60 seconds of effort... I can't check my oil level without disassembling the setup, but this really isn't an issue since I change my oil every 2 rides.

Regarding performance, the stabilizer has saved my tail several times as well as greatly reducing fatigue during a desert event. Having my suspension done was the greatest improvement overall, but I wouldn't ride without the stabilizer... :)

I'm running a GPR and everything you're are reading about them here is true. Excellent quality and value. Customer service is exellent as well. I bought mine used from the Wolrd Famous "Danco". I had some questions and called the GPS boys up. They totally took care of me, sent me a new manual, a ton of stickers (How'd they know I am a closet Stickie Freak!) I really like the ease of adjusting it on the fly. I don't think you could go wrong with any of these stabilizers, I'm just giving you my dos centavos worth, pilgrim...Wah Ha. :)

I also have the Scotts, with the nice(read expensive)front pin bolt on bracket, and it works great! But if I were to do it all over again, I'd take a good hard look at the GPR, I talked to those guys, and they seem to provide great customer service, something that Scott's does but at a price. I have a few friends that are running the GPR, and I'm sure it performs just as well as the Scotts.

Also, you can't spend more money on a stabilizer then a Scotts unit!

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