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YZ426 Dry Weight

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Hey guys!

I'm a peruvian rider, who currently own a CR250R, I'm considering the new YZ426 but I am concerned about the added weight, altough I couldn't find any information about the YZ426 dry weight (can anybody help with that?)

Is the YZ426 slim and lean enough to be compared to a 2 stroke bike?


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Yes, I would be able to compare the width of the bike to a 2- stroke. In the May 2000 issue of Dirt Bike Mag. The 426 weighed in at 248 pounds with all fluids except gas. I have found that you can not base ANYTHING on Dry weights given by the Bike makers. For one, you never ride around with no oil or Antifreeze, and secondly they usually lie about the numbers they give anyway. The manual of my last bike (CR500) claimed a dry weight of 233 pounds. Without exaust pipe... Go figure. In comparison to the YZ426, the CR felt slightly lighter, but I would never go back!!

Hope this helps

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Yamaha Claims 105.5kg ~ 232lbs (Dry).

Haven't put the bike on a scale yet so I don't know how accurate it is.

520ml fork oil ~ 480g

2.5L ? rad-water ~ 2400g

1.7L Eng oil ~ 1550g

100ml grease :) ~ 85g

4515g ~ 9.951lbs

~ 242.7 lbs

Paul Card

00' 426

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