07 YZ450 cracked frame

Just found a 3 inch crack in the weld at the bottom of the head tube. Will Yamaha help me out? If not can this be welded?

Don't know if yami will help, but we have had my son's frame welded at a local weld supply shop. Just need an experienced aluminum welder.

I can almost assure that Yamaha won't help with that unless it was bought new less than 30 days ago. But it absolutely can be welded, and if welded by a competent individual, it will be plenty strong.

Wasn't there another few cases of the '06 and 07' frames developing cracks? Better keep and eye on mine I guess.. maybe do some magnaflux dye checking :busted:

I remember seeing reports only from owners of '07's, and I've never heard of one breaking or bending as a result of the crack.

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