When will yamaha fix the flywheel issue?

I have a wr 450 on the way, and it is supposed to arrive some time in may. Does anyone know if it will still need the crank and flywheel lapped and glued? I am hoping that yamaha has enough decency to stop shipping broken bikes. :D

Chris :)

If the bike is fixed from the factory, there will be a small 'punch mark' in the frame just in front of the VIN on the steering head. If there is no punch mark, you'll need to have the m2003-007 work done (lap & loc-tite.)




Where and how much did you pay?

5850 out the door at e-lee yamaha. They seem like nice folks. :):D

Chris :D

Damn they gave you a lower price than me, mine was $5995, there.

So have there been any failures on bikes that have been "fixed" at the factory? And is the factory fix any better than the one that is performed at the dealer?

I always beat up on sales poeple. If they won't give a little, they usually don't get my business. :)

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