WR400 or WR450 for woods

By the way i dont understand this Lugging business - i dont know anyone who rides a bike at 2000rpm!!!!! why would you want to do this? Rememebr the wr is 450cc's is will pull/lugg/chug/torque its way out of any Sh!T

More so for those narly hill climbs which have no real route to go up...you need to tackle it luggishly over rock, roots, stuff you can't see. I just love that about the wr....I can just barely let it idle going uphill, sitting down even! and wind my way over and through anything that gets thrown in my way. Than grab a fist of juice and bang! gone like a bullet!:excuseme:

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Any advice on mods or tricks to get the WR450 to lug and not stall out, or do you have to just get used to using the clutch and shifting?

Advice? One word...Rekluse!!

Many people complain about starting the WR400. I've had a WR400 for 7 years, I guess it's been so long I just am used to starting it, it is really no big deal, one kick when warm! Only a couple more when cold. The 450 is lighter for sure, but the 400 is so reliable. These are the tough choices in life! Ha Ha Good Luck!

Can't comment on the comparison. Still have the 400 and it is still a beast. Kicks much easier with the updated comp release cam. I would go newer, just because of more options to personalize and the e button is sweet for a ride!!!! Remeber it is a Yamaha, so it has to be great...

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