250f engine in a 08 yz450 frame?

Will it fit without alot of mods?

What year engine?

What year engine?

Doesn't make much of a difference, the motor mount location has been the same from '01-'09. They are different than any year of 450 mounts though, so you would have to make some modifications.

The next question then becomes, "what other '06 or later parts does he have? None of the earlier body work will fit the aluminum frame, and the the frame carries no oil, which means he'll need the oil tank from an '06+ 250F, or a wet sump kit. The oil storage situation will be further complicated by the lack of a sight glass in an '05 or older engine.

Sounds like a potential pain in the butt.just buy a new or used complete bike and sell the stuff you got sittin around.

Sorry guess I should have give more info . I have a 2008 yz450 with 30 hours on it but cases are cracked and I dont really like the bigger bikes(normally race yz144 all the time but this beast is in my garage now so have to do something with it) up here in canada cases are $1000. so i am considering just taking the money and making a 250f. I guess for the price I might as well buy a 250f frame and swap components over. was hoping the motor mounts would be the same but I guess thats wishful thinking.

yeah no on the mounts, frame and other engine items.

Your best bet is to search ebay for a used motor, and if you dont like the power either sell the bike and get a 250F or get a lower end and destroke the bike to a 400cc size bike.

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