What keeps the right side number plate off of the muffler?

2003 WR450. I am missing the stand-off thingy that keeps my number plate from melting. I must have lost it the other day because now I smell burning plastic and can see it too:banghead:

I can't find the part or name on any parts list. Can anyone help?

I have the same problem.

While I don't have an answer to your question specificially I took a piece of 19MM (3/4") rubber tubing (like surgical tubing) and cut it to the right length, then used bailing wire to wire it to the muffler.

While it isn't perfect, it seems to work OK. Just have to make sure it doesn't get moved when your bikes slides around on that side :busted:

I think I have some more floating around the garage, if you want me to send you a piece shoot me a PM and I'll look around.

See link for an example or to order some.

Rubber Tubing

I used aluminium auto adhesive tape and some heat insulation cloth to repair mine.



Seems like you guys lost your muffler bumpers, sometimes mistaken for muffler bearings. The TT store has a special going - muffler bumpers, muffler bearings and green powerbands for half off right now.

(I know, that was dumb. Whatever!)

Put some fresh heat shield on the back of the plastic.

Moose heat shield

I stole some insulation from my garage ceiling and made a pad out of it and some foil hvac foil tape. We'll see. I found the reason why it was melting. The original foil and fiberglass was worn away and exposed the plastic. Thanks for the replies.

Adding to the others' input, I believe the part number for the side cover insulator is 5TJ-2174A-00-00

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