Pictures - My XR650R Motard

Bear witness. (But pay no attention to the missing right-side fender shroud or fork protectors. Both are on order.) Man do the Metzler M1 Sportecs love the twisties. I also have a pair of knobbies on stock rims for the dirt. But damn... running a 120/70/17 in front and a 160/60/17 in back is a blast. Talk about handling! :) Thanks again to Paul Brend of Moto-Master - - and Thumpteralk - - for hooking me up with the wheelset. Good price. (Thumpertalk discount) ...and a really cool guy. Knowledgable as hell. He put my mind at ease prior to conversion, which kinda freaked me out. I had a lot of questions about incompatibilities and such. Paul "talked me down" and the whole thing took less than 2 hours with no headaches.







:) That thing is SWEEEEEEAAAT!! There were Motards running this weekend at Pahrump Mountain Spring racetrack and they were flying!! I gotta get me that setup one of these days.

I'm a drz400 guy myself, never really did like the 650R to much for looks wise. But that looks good! you did a good job :)

HI Jason, the bike looks great! Bob

Beautimous, Simply Beautimous, :) and it looks good too. :D Do you have a steering stabilizer on there as well?

Nah. I haven't felt the need to add one. It handles great without it. Only thing I'm thinking about now is the Quiksilver carb, but it's too expensive. I'm still broke from buying the rims.


you did a really nice job on that Honda! God, where do you live, that is like, gorgeous there!

AO :)

Nice, very nice!!! Now I want one too. :)

Nice! Can't wait to do a ride.


Angie. You asked, "God, where do you live, that is like, gorgeous there!"

Tell me about it! I live in Marin county, California. Beautiful here! I've only been here a couple of years - moved north from San Francisco and came north from horrible Los Angeles before that. Next stop, Sonoma! Wine country... direction? NORTH! I'd like to think that it's because I'm getting further and further from Hollywood, but damn. It sho' is great up here. Thankfully, I just landed a job at a sewer plant in Sonoma County (no joke). I can just hear Sonoma calling my name. Hopefully I'll stop moving north before I end up somewhere that's reeeaaally cold all the time. Check out if you're interested in seeing some more of this area. You'll see why the motard is perfect for this region.

It is amazing how those wheels change the attitude of that bike. I can feel a third set of wheels on the way for Betty.

What have you done to the front brake?

You know... I haven't done anything with the front brake. The stock brake is compatible with the excel/talon combo. Moto-Master makes a fancy racing setup w/ a 4-pot caliper on a 320mm disc. That sounds awesome, but probably more than I need. I'm probably going to go for their big disc but just get their OEM caliper relocation bracket & pads. A bit cheaper and marketed for "street use" motards as opposed to race. As is, the stock brake scheme works well enough that I can put upgrading off until I really get the itch.

You need to look at the EBC 280 kit. It is a floating disc and caliper mount kit that is impressive. I didn't want to put a 320 kit on and run in the woods so I spent $120.00 on this EBC kit. Well - I've had a chance to put on some fast street miles and the stopping power is impressive. Plenty for a Motard setup and compatible for the dirt.

Ironbeak & Magilla,

I noticed both of you are in my neck of the woods. I live in Sonoma, CA. I have a 2001 XR650 with supermoto setup. If you guys are ever in Sonoma, we should hook up for a ride......This road: is just minutes away from my house, and a rip on the XR. PM me if you are in the area.

What a great forum, in three days time we have collected four N. Bay XR650R SM riders!

We will definetly all have to get together and do some riding Maybe down to Marin to meet up with Ironbeak, over Mt. Tam and up Hwy. 1 over toward VTR996s neck of the woods and over Trinity toward Napa, out through Calistoga to Anderson Valley and cut over to lake Sonoma for a Skaggs Springs run! Or something like that... We'd better make sure we know where the gas stations are. :)


(Still running the stock tank)

Okay, I've been messaging a bunch of you bay area supermoto riders, trying to get something going - some weekend rides hopefully. It's cool to see that most of you are up to it. It would be pretty fun with 5 or 6 of us swarming the canyons & hills or cruising through town. Why doesn't everyone post their email address and I'll get a little mailing list going later this week so we can all keep in touch. To start, mine is . For those who don't check this thread, I'll send out some messages.



It's funny, I've had my supermoto setup since Dec-02, and I have found I'm neglecting my Superhawk. We should definitely get some rides going.

Also, there are some upcoming local events that I plan on checking out...

Supermotard racing in Vallejo - Apr. 26th

AMA Superbike racing @ Sears Point - May 3-4th

I don't have any pics of my XR, but my brother took some and posted them on his site, check them out here:

My work email (Mon-Fri) is (replace the AT w/ @) my attempt at preventing spam.

I know what you mean. I'm trying to sell my VTR right now. Just no room for both and clearly the XR is the one I want to ride.

I like the pics of your XR, who makes that bash-plate you're running? I've noticed that both of you guys are still running a stock front fender. I understand that at higher speeds it can catch quite a lot of wind and be a bit of a problem. You can either trim down the stocker, or an XR100R front fender bolts right on and looks a little more proportional. (What I'm running).

I should be at Sears, and possably at Vallejo if I can get away. Maybe we can meet up at one of these. (assuming I get my bike ready by then)


It's interesting how you bought the 2WF project bike...those project stories from MikeE are the reason I got into supermoto.

I bought my bike last June, and it came with the bash plate. I think the previous owner got it from Baja Designs.

I'm still running the stock fender because I'm using the bike for both dirt and supermoto duties. So I can't cut the stock fender. The next move would to buy a SM fender, but that's not high on my list of things to do. The next thing is to redo the suspension for my weight (springs & valving).

Now that we have email addresses we can figure out Sears Point and the Vallejo races.

Thats a sweet ride ,nicely done .It looks like your pipe is hitting your tire you might be able to shim the pipe out.

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