Replacing counter sprocket gaurd

I just bought a carbon fiber counter sprocket gaurd to replace the stock plastic piece. I'm using the correct size phillips head screwdriver, but can't get the screws to back out. I'm thinking Yamaha used some sort of impact wrench to get these things on. I don't want to strip the screws..... Any suggestions would be appreciated....??

I just replaced stock with GYT-R aluminum one and found the same thing. I used an impact driver on mine and that worked fine. I took me a couple of tries because I didn't want to hit it that hard. :)

:) Yeah those things are a real pain in the ass. I stripped both screws out and had to use an extractor. Now I have no problem getting them in and out. Just that first time blows.

Yup, impact driver

NOTE: an impact driver is NOT an air powered tool like an impact gun!!!!

Its a driver that you hit with a hammer and it has a wedge in it that turns left or right while you hit.

If you dont have one take a screw driver and tap it with a small hammer while you hold loosening preasure on the screw driver, you will be surprised how easilay it comes undone with a few taps.

I never touch a phillips screw on a motorcycle with out an impact driver or a few taps on the screw driver, the heads strip out with one bad turn and its 10 times harder to get them off.

If you strip out a phillips head screw, cut or chillse a slot in it and try to use your impact driver with the slotted driver. If it dose not go youll have to drill the head off and try to extract the stud once the cover or what ever is off, if its a blind hole, get your EZ outs and a Very sharp drill bit,,,,,, ahhhh, we wont go there though :)

There is enough room on these to get the Vise Grips on them. One of the first things I do to a bike is replace all the phillips head with allen or hex.

My vote is for the vise-grip method. I had the exact same problem last year and that is how I got them out.


Use a chisle and hit them gently on the side in the direction to loosen. This will jar them loose. I've used this method on those sticky float bowl screws too. It doesn't take very much to get them to move. Make sure you have spares. :)

Amen to the impact driver!!!

First thing my dad taught me about working on bikes with phillips head fasteners and aluminum. Go get a driver, the're not expensive.

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