05 YZ 450 exhaust.

ok, im new here so be gentile. i have a bone stock 2005 yz 450. i mostly ride mx tracks. i am an average rider and looking for a slip on exhaust to replace the bulky stock one. i know they make tons of pipes for these bikes . i just want to know what is a popular/good exhaust to go with. and is it a bolt on and go or does it have to be jetted after?


The choices are endless, but it will have to be re-jetted, usually richer. I have an 05 also, I started with a White Bros E2, it was decent but the rivets kept coming loose and was real loud, I finally installed steel rivets to cure the problem. Right now I am running the Big Gun Evo X. It is sweet, it has a removable spark arrestor and quiet core in the end cap.

I was leaning towards the fmf 4.1 or a mrd. thanks for the input

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