yz400/yz426 silencer

I am looking to install a YZ silencer on my 99 WR400. I am wondering if the 426 silencer is the same as the '98/'99 YZ400 silencer?

Somehow I thought I had heard that the exhaust diameter is different on the 426? Does any one know for sure or can confirm different part #'s?



I don't know about part numbers, however it appears the outside diameter of the exhaust pipe inside the silencer is different. I found this out by buying the exhaust kit from BMP which was designed for a YZ400. There's a base piece that bolts into the muffler. There is a hole in this base which the exhaust pipe passes through. I had to have this hole bored out by about an 1/8" to accomodate the YZ426's exhaust pipe. Don't know if this helps, but that may be what you heard before.

Hey KCJames, What did you think of the BMP Spark Arrestor Kit? It looks like a good idea. How was the power and Noise leve? I need something quiet when I head up to Michigan to do some trail riding. Is it a quality piece? THANKS!

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